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Web Design & Development Services   

If you think Website Design & Development is about presenting eye-candy designs, and flashy multimedia elements (graphics, animation, transitions, design, sound), think again. That is why IT Projects Media (ITPM) is always a cut above the rest!

A website, in other words, can be a virtual marketing platform offering your business the much-needed impetus and promotion.  And, more importantly, it strives to position the brand image of your company or organization, thereby generating leads and valuable customers. ITPM’s professional consulting services for the design & development of websites are the best of both worlds–dynamic and cost-effective.

Creativity is the key to web design and development, reflecting in every design that breathes innovation and freshness. Our team of web designers with tons of experience under their belt are user-centric sticking to the principles of UI (User Interface) design, striking balance in the management of text, graphics, and multimedia content, and usability principles to retain both the aesthetic appeal as well as the intended functionality of the website. Advantages include faster web loading times, increased search engine rankings, lower bounce rate, and conversions. Integrating the core principles of SEO into your website, we help drive targeted traffic to your website, justifying all your promotional, marketing, and sales efforts, both online and offline.

Integrating CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc into your website, we help you update your content in a matter of seconds for the best results. Social media and social networking features added to your website will help leverage the power of social media. We also help you re-design your website for enhanced visibility in line with the latest trends and tech slack including open source technologies.

Enhancing brand reputation is part of the web design process, and thus everything starts with a brand logo that speaks for itself. Therefore, the combination of enhanced brand reputation and improved traffic and sales of your website has been our success mantra over the years.

Here is what our consulting process for every Web Design & Development project of ours, however small it may be, looks like:

Process of Website Design & Development

Discover:  Understanding the project and targeted audience, preparing project scope with deliverables/budget, specifications, and schedules for all process controls and critical activities.

Define: Develop Information architecture and UI/UX design.

Develop: Develop Content Copy, integrate Graphics and Multimedia elements, Implementation and review.

Deliver: Launch Website.

Post-launch: Performance Optimization (caching, CDN, compressing) & Testing and integration of SEO/SMO features.

Why ITPR for Website Design & Development?

Our team of website designers brings a wealth of impressive qualifications to the forefront. Our core focus is on designing for engagement, where every element, space, and call-to-action is meticulously positioned for maximum impact, ultimately inspiring users to convert. Choose our website redesign agency for outstanding results.

Our team incorporates our knowledge of user behavior, habits, and expectations into each website redesign endeavor, guaranteeing a successful outcome from the very beginning. Through our strategic methodology, creative skills, and valuable insights, we achieve exceptional results and craft visually appealing design components duly tailored to engage the intended audience. Enhance your website with our professional website redesign solutions.

Web Design & Development Consulting Services

  • Corporate/Business Websites (including Email Newsletter/Event Calendar/Social Media features)
  • Responsive websites/Mobile-Optimised websites
  • Dynamic web portals (including Client Area/ Member Area/Product & Video Galleries)
  • E-commerce websites (including Shopping Cart/Online Payments Membership  System)
  • User Interface (UI/UX) for Web/Mobile Applications
  • Animated UI/UX Design
  • Blogs (including News Management)
  • Business Directory/Listings website
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Bespoke/Custom Websites
  • Personal Branding Websites
  • Website Maintenance     

Range of Services

Website Re-design, Maintenance & Support

Web Hosting,  Server Migration & SSL Certificate

UI/UX Design