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Voice Over Recording, Audio, Radio Jingles & Ads Production

Voice-Over Production

We have hundreds of Indian and foreign voices for you to choose from our voice bank!

Video Subtitles

Using industry software we can apply subtitles to your content in any language.

Translation Services

We have a global network of foreign voice-overs, translators, and language directors.

Studio Facility

Our qualified engineers and professional studios ensure high-quality recordings.

Audio Production

Our in-house Audio Production services have everything our studio designers need to create a high-definition soundtrack for your next promotional piece.

Audio Books

Begin by choosing one of our professional narrators who will work with you to produce the most appropriate sound.

Radio Jingles

With custom music and lyrics for your brand, our professional radio jingle production service creates catchy radio commercials that deliver the right message.

Radio Advertisement (Ads)

Get your radio commercial done right with our professional recording studio. With years of experience under our belt, we can be your single-source solution.

Background Music (BGM) Production & Recording

Our post-production services can take an audio project from average to wow. Services include audio editing, sound effects, and background music.

Voice Dubbing Services

Because every production work is different, we offer multiple dubbing styles to ensure your message reaches both domestic and international markets effectively.

Voiceover vs Non-Voiceover Explainer Videos: Which works best?

You know what explainer videos do right? They explain your business, product, or service through a short and interesting video usually under a minute or two. Explainer videos grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged until the end. It evokes emotion and connects with them creating an everlasting impact. They are a powerful marketing tool that has the potential to jump your conversion rates.

They provide information about your product or service and offer both entertainment and information. They tell compelling stories about your service or product thus influencing the thinking ability and decision making of the audience. A well-made explainer video offers more than increasing your conversion rates. It increases brand visibility, improves web traffic and ROI, creates a gripping pitch, showcases your unique personality, and is easily sharable. While the script is the king in explainer videos, voice-overs are crucial when producing explainer videos.

Voiceover vs Non-voiceover explainer videos

Voiceover is one of the key elements for capturing users’ attention, and keeping them engaged until the end of the video. A good voiceover is thus an essential part of any explainer video. Getting the right accent, tone, and modulation forms the basis of any explainer video. The voiceover should match the animation and story – together they create a killer explainer video.

However, if you have watched a handful of good explainer videos, you would already know that voiceover is not everything. Sometimes, not saying anything and letting the animation and music talk can be fruitful. Let’s face it, explainer videos work because of the visual intrigue they create. Telling a story through a visual medium is what sells explainer video. This makes it clear that even without a voiceover; you can send your message to the audience. So, how do you know whether or not your explainer video needs a voice-over? It is up to you to decide. However, consider the following factors below before you arrive at a verdict.

Your message

The message you want to deliver to your audience has a major say in whether or not your explainer video needs a voiceover. A non-voiceover video is the best option if your service or product does not need much explanation. Also, when you make explainer videos for products that are already familiar, you can create an explainer video without narration. Further, simple products that are easy to understand can also have an explainer video devoid of narration. These videos can thrive well with a worthy story, great animation, and good music. On the other hand, if you want to clear up any misconceptions or give more information about your service or product, a voice-over is necessary for your explainer video.

The target audience

Another factor to consider is your target audience. When you do not want to assault your audience with too much information, you may consider a voiceover-free explainer video. However, when your explainer video is for your business clients or a live pitch, you may want to add narration to ensure you put forth your message.


Ultimately, the goal of your explainer video is a critical factor that will help you decide whether or not you need a voiceover. If the goal of your explainer video is to intrigue your audience, grab their attention, and influence them to click the call-for-action button, a non-voiceover may work for you. However, if you want to communicate to the audience, provide information in detail, and answer the questions they have in mind about your service or product, a voiceover video becomes a requisite.