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Video Marketing Services – Sector Wise

Video Marketing Solutions for Startups, Personal, Business, Brand & Corporates

Video marketing is crucial in any business model as it can powerfully capture your customer’s attention, and helps in retention, unlike any other form of content. Our team is equipped to assist you in creating video marketing strategies that target your potential customers at the right time and place of purchase. Here are some of our video marketing services divided sector-wise for you to make the most of.


Imagine your first day in office. There is so much to take in and so much to learn. You have too many doubts and no idea whom to ask. For any company, ramping up a newbie or even a regular employee in a company’s internal processes, which they have no idea about, is a nightmare. Explainer videos are the best option to explain any internal process to your employees, especially for a company of humongous proportions. Be it explaining a new product or service or even explaining how to apply for a vacation, videos simplify the whole process. They help save your employees time and effort, making them even more productive. What’s there not to like?

Startup Companies

To replace a pitch deck for investors: between an angel and seed round, this is a quick way to rise above others, especially for businesses in the growth stage and funded. Most crowdfunding platforms encourage every new project to include a video and vouch that projects that use video have a better rate of funding 50% vs. 30%.

Event Management Firms & Trade Shows

As the marketplace becomes more saturated it’s increasingly difficult to get your product noticed without a comprehensive strategy. That’s where we come in.

At IT Projects Media, we go beyond marketing or any other labels and create powerful striking videos that align with your strategic aims. Using key marketing techniques and pioneering technologies to convey brand messages, and relying on years of experience, we can generate a package that helps your product find its position in the market. To loop at a trade show: at a trade show, staff can’t always get to everyone who comes to a booth. It’s often hit and miss.  A video can help persuade customers to stick around to engage and exchange details.

Software, IT, ITES & BPO Companies

The most popular type of explainer video, animation is often the preferred format for explaining services or intangible tech products like software. Some services involve few, if any, physical objects, making live action an unrealistic option. Animated explainer videos allow for more creativity, and are easier to edit or update when you want to make future adjustments.

Book Trailers

Suppose you have spent years of effort and love writing a book or struggled to become that motivational speaker with explosive ideas to share with humanity, or you cannot get people enthusiastic about your ideas or even you. You find it difficult to prove that your ideas are different and that you have something worthwhile to share. After all, why should they listen until they realize they cannot afford to ignore? Fret not! Videos can present your work in a way that generates curiosity and interest around your work. They set you apart. Reaching out to your audience becomes as easy as clicking your fingers. And you know what? There is a good chance of you ending up with a band of followers before you even know it.

PR Agencies & Digital Marketing Firms

Videos are a great resource for getting to know your market or as we phrase it, “testing the waters”. The idea is to create a video that explains your idea even before you have a beta version or a prototype and wait for a response. A good idea always generates palpable interest; likewise, a good video tends to go viral online. If nothing interesting is happening, then you get the clue! You probably need a better idea. Imagine how much time, effort and cash a video can save you!

A live phone demo for inbound sales: Whenever customers call in, they are looking for a solution, and don’t know if something is the right fit. With the ability of a phone representative to tell the customer where to go and watch a video, it can help to close a sale.

Video Book invitations

Have you heard about video books before? In the marketing world, they are like the ‘newest kid on the block’ – the future of video marketing. Imagine an LCD screen embedded in a book leading to an entirely different viewing and sensory experience. It is a tool where you can exploit the power of explainer videos to reach your select potential prospects. If you are still confused, you should check out this.

For any company looking for more business, newsletters, and cold emails are considered the best options to approach potential prospects. We know why video emails are opened more regularly than regular ones. There is more than 300% improvement as found from a study by Wistia. To be part of a press release and attract reporters: a study mentions that video press releases were way more likely to get opened.  Including a video when pitching reporters gets everyone on the same page.

SEO/SEM Companies for Online Marketing

Videos are best used on home pages and landing pages for generating leads. This is what most companies are doing right now. So instead of placing long, boring paragraphs of seemingly never-ending text – go for an explainer video. A short and interesting video that explains your work engages your visitor more than anything. Besides, the visitors are more ready to pay for your services directly because it takes only a few minutes for them to understand your service completely, and make an informed decision.

Advertising Agencies & Firms

Everyone remembers a great commercial. We make them. Our expert team of creatives and our in-house production team are ready to connect you with your audience. Our priority is to produce work that delivers your key messages effectively. We do this by establishing an immediate working relationship with our clients: we work with you as the project builds to ensure the video output will make people sit up and pay attention.

Online Brands & Shops

To simply introduce an idea, markets have to be created sometimes, and a video not only sells a product but also shares a relevant idea.  Some of the videos were interested in explaining things like “why social media matters”

To show that you are high quality in every area: one of the feedbacks we get from our customers is that the video opened doors. Social Networking shopping websites can effectively use videos to position and market their products.

Social Networking & Social Media Websites

Facebook-promoted posts and YouTube pre-roll ads generate better interest than TV advertisements. But that is a no-brainer…Of course, you knew that, right? There is something about video ads–they move people to choose you instead of your competitors. The audience is targeted according to their interests or geography–reaching your potential customers is therefore easier. The conversation rates are also high in this case. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85% more people are more likely to buy a product with an accompanying explainer video.

NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations):

Is there a sure-fire technique to voice and reach out to people who matter? With so many NGOs mushrooming up, people are getting confused about the organization’s credibility. Good intentions are lost in this melee of doubts. If you are passionate about effectuating change but don’t know how to connect to people who care, videos can do the work for you. Videos are not only capable of creating great outreach campaigns but also act as powerful fundraising tools.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Your users want to see, touch, and feel your app. There’s no better way to demonstrate that than with a HQ video. When your App Video is complete, we can put the explainer video in front of thousands on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your website, and even podcast. Not to pick on anyone, but we’ve seen hundreds of videos “demoing” apps on YouTube. And they’re pretty lackluster. Let’s admit this. You wouldn’t call us to program your app for you, so why wouldn’t you use us to create something that makes your app look like a rockstar? Let’s face it, screenshots don’t sell apps. Your users want to see, touch, and feel your app in the palm of their hands. And there’s no better way to do that than with a video that looks like it was in an Apple commercial. We’ve helped many developers sell thousands of apps this way. iPhone / iPad Apps: The whole video is played inside a video widget making it easy for any mobile startup to explain the idea behind the concept.

A one-on-one live iPad demo with a salesperson: most salespeople have iPads nowadays and are often in the field.   A one-minute intro video demonstrates your product’s or service’s benefits and helps people stick with the proven message.

Media/TV Production

To be on a webinar/ TV as a lead in: on business interview shows, people still “roll the clip,” often.  Having a video to explain the project before it starts has been an effective way of getting the information and understanding out there. Online videos increase lead generation, sales online, and conversion rates, besides engaging potential clients and improving your website’s traffic and Google SERP.

Whether it’s Commercials, Online Campaigns or Product Launches, we understand the importance of getting a direct message across to your customers. We specialize in a range of Promotional Video services. From concept and strategy to production and final delivery we handle the whole process for you, producing engaging, striking video for your business.

Small & Medium Enterprises/Businesses

Small businesses everywhere use explainer videos to make their apps, websites, and services understandable to their audience. Explainer videos are not unique to a specific type of business or idea because the need for understanding is universal:  small or large, internal or external. Everyone wants easier ways to understand complex ideas and today, explainer videos are making their mark.

Home-based Entrepreneurs & MLM Businesses

Home-based entrepreneurs, MLM, and home-based businesses can use videos to explain their business and products and increase sales and conversion by totally engaging their customers or users, besides sharing them on video-sharing sites and other online social networks. 

A successful video marketing strategy is essential, but it is only a part of your overall digital marketing plan. Just like you wouldn’t build a tent with only one pole, you need to consider other aspects of digital marketing to achieve success. To truly make an impact with your digital efforts, you must look beyond just video marketing. Explore the range of our video marketing and promotional services for Startups, Personal, Business, Brand & Corporates.