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Digital Storytelling Services

Digital Storytelling for Businesses, Startups, SMEs, Brands, Personal & Corporates

Art & Science of Digital Storytelling

Stories – we love to read them, tell them, create them, and more importantly listen to them. They are an integral part of our lives. They make things more plausible and easily relatable. Hence, it’s no surprise that businesses today use storytelling to reach people and promote their brands. The art and science of digital storytelling is common across businesses, startups, SMEs, brands, personal initiatives, and corporates.

Why is storytelling important for a business?

Businesses should communicate about their brand, product, or service in the most inspiring way possible. With stories, audiences can find the information they want without digging too much. Communicating through stories can create maximum impact on your business with the audience. They can make your brand more relatable.

Storytelling has the power to evoke emotional responses from the viewers. Great brands are built on stories. There is a story behind your logo too. Stories effectively humanize your company’s products or services. Stories are a medium to convey your message to your audience – promote your product or service – without seeming overly aggressive.

Telling great stories with Explainer Videos

Storytelling can be powerful on its own but when combined with images in motion and sounds, they can elevate the experience to another level. Telling concisely and engaging stories can set you apart from the rest. Storytelling, in general, conveys your message clearly to your target audience.

We, at IT Project Media, use the art of storytelling effectively to communicate a message about you and your brand in the most unique way possible. For instance, we handcraft Explainer videos that are usually short and engaging, quickly grab the audience’s attention and keep them hooked. When you narrate a story about your product or service through an explainer video, you can connect with your audience effortlessly. This is because stories evoke emotions in people and we are more easily drawn to the emotional strings than facts. In this context, explainer videos are an unpretentious method to boost your business.

Further, evoking an emotion also builds trust about your company with the audience. Every medium, be it social media, your website, blog post, video, or podcast, carries an engaging and candid story; you enhance brand loyalty. Your audiences believe in people and not a brand. Embedding a story helps people realize there are humans behind your brand. That’s why stories can persuade the audience in decision-making. This will prompt them to take a call for action that will boost your conversion rate.

Weaving the perfect storytelling script

The crux of storytelling is to communicate your message to your target audience in the most effective way possible. A powerful storytelling technique can lead to a gripping narration, keeping the audience hooked until the end. That’s why when it comes to storytelling, the script is king.

When you write the script for your brand, embed your message in a story. This can help you touch the heart of the audience. Different businesses use different techniques to tell stories. It does not matter what method you use – the key is to promote your business entertainingly. A well-scripted storytelling can be a powerful medium through which you can gain customers and build a business.