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Scriptwriting Services for Videos

Content Development, Content Writing & Scriptwriting for Videos

Business videos are quite a phenomenon, particularly animated videos that explain products, services, or businesses.  Explainer videos are a great way to market your business too in the most effective way possible. They grab the audience’s attention and help you connect with the audience on an emotional level. They tell compelling stories about your business in under 90 seconds or less to keep the audience engaged until the end.

A good script is essential For the story and animation to roll out into a good explainer video. The script is the foundation of an explainer video. It helps you connect with the audience immediately and invoke their emotions.

How we write a killer video script?

We keep it short

The whole point of using explainer videos for your business is to convey only the necessary information to the audience without boring them with unnecessary data. A long video will make you lose the focus of the audience. Also, the longer the video is, the less the audience will remember. So, we keep your script short and crisp. This will compel the audience to get interested in your product or service.

We focus only on the benefits

Remember, you do not create an explainer video to talk about the features of your product or service. Your video script and thus your video may fail if you only talk about the features of your products or services, given you will have a long list of features. However, our content team focuses on why the audience should opt for them, and how it will improve their lives. In other words, our video script discusses the benefits of your products or services and then the features. This is what makes the audience click the call for action button.

We create a story

Have a clearly defined goal about your core message to the audience. We help you build a concise and clear script without any fillers. We address the problem, introduce the product or service, present the benefits or features, and finally provide a call-to-action button. This is the recipe for a successful explainer video. Our nicely woven story will help the audience instantly relate to your product or solution.

Talk to the audience

Instead of just talking about your achievements, talk to your audience about things that matter to them. Be friendly and show them the benefits of using your product or service instead of selling your business to your audience. Apart from providing information, we love to have fun. We help you connect with the audience in no time. However, it should not distract the audience from the goal of your explainer video. We do not tell them things they are already familiar with. We focus on communicating ideas and information that will make your business reliable.

We set the right tone for your video

The tone of your script will set the video in motion. We get the right tone every time to help the audience make decisions and use the call-for-action button.

Any video script will undergo a few revisions before we get it right. Should you compromise on the quality of the video script? Never. Also, we ensure the video does not contain more than 250 words in the case of an explainer or animation, usually a video of about 2 minutes.