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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services

Improving Personal, Corporate, Business & Brand Online Reputation

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) on search engines is fundamental in business. If your business has a poor online reputation score, customers will avoid doing business with your company. If you don’t have any search engine reputation, then clients will hesitate to trust you, even if they manage to hear about you. If you have a good reputation, then your company should be willing to do anything to maintain that positive image. We understand that reputation management is critical to online success. That is why we offer an expert online reputation management improvement service.

Benefits of ORM for Startups, Personal, Business, Brand & Corporates through Websites & Apps

  • Improve customer satisfaction by gaining insights from consumers about what is good and bad about our product or services.
  • Increase positive perceptions of the brand by creating opportunities to listen to and engage with consumers.
  • Enhance ORM score for Startups, Personal, Business, Brand & Corporates through Websites & Apps
  • Gain insights about competitors and customer perceptions about their products and services.
  • Maintain shareholder value by mitigating risk by having ears close to the ground where opinions about our business are being formed and propagated.
  • Engage in more effective public relations by understanding who the real influencers are.
  • Helps understand the relationship between user-generated content and traditional forms of online media, e.g. news, print, etc.
  • Provide early warning systems for reactive Public Relations.
  • Reduce marketing spend by learning how to reach out to customers more cheaply.
  • Reduce internal costs by employing services saving time, effort, and money.
  • Help identify gaps in products and services for creating profitable niche markets.
  • Gain insight into online networks, keywords, and key phrases in user-generated content, which can enhance natural search results about the person, product, or business.

Process of ORM & Score Maintenance


  • We do a rapid, in-depth study to determine where, when, and how negative postings about you or your company have been made.
  • Who owns, manages, or has access to the sites or pages where the offensive listings reside?
  • What is the extent of the damage?
  • What “keywords” or search phrases bring up offensive listings?
  • What kind of sites are involved: blogs, journals, news sites, forums, permanent or ad-hoc sites, etc.?
  • Are the postings associated with competitive (deeply entrenched) or with transitional keywords (those that can be quickly overcome with corrective actions)?
  • Who are the individuals responsible for the damage?
  • Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We rapidly assemble a team and develop an action plan according to our analysis. We present the plan to you to receive approval. Then we go into action.


We begin to implement counter-measures that include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying “positive” web pages, blogs, forums, articles, or pages that we control, that can be quickly elevated in the search engine rankings using optimization strategies. These pages blanket and replace negative listings.
  • Post hundreds of positive articles, blogs, journals, forum entries, news items, press releases, and other pages on a steady, ongoing basis. These postings offer positive reflections on your reputation – but more importantly, they replace negative postings by taking the top positions on the sites in which they appear.
  • Creating new, positive content on your site and on sites that we control, and then optimizing this content so that it rises quickly to the top search engine rankings. Online Reputation Manager owns hundreds of sites used for this purpose.
  • Purchase new domains with important, relevant keywords in the URLs, and optimize these sites.
  • Continuous reporting, review, and revision of strategy based on concrete web metrics.

We thank you for your willingness to share information, and the opportunity to present this proposal. If our proposal is accepted, we can begin work on your campaign, once an ORM process contract is signed.

USP of ORM & Score Maintenance Process

ORM Pre-Optimization

Free Comprehensive ORM Pre-Optimization Reports with Real Time Traffic Reports plus an Exclusive “Keyword Trend Analysis” with a comparison of search volume patterns across specific regions, categories & time frames, and properties.

Basic On-page Optimization

Basic SEO process to aid Social Media Optimization process flow as SMO & SEO are closely interlinked (as most SEO firms fail to recognize this all-important process)

Off-page Optimization

• Link Building with a greater thrust to inbound links generated through user-generated content than generating text links conventionally. Impetus to image links and video links (if any) as viral content enhances web traffic
• Getting rid of the negative image generated over the years online through advanced search query operators and continuous monitoring to prevent the distribution of links/contents virally that hurt your brand
• No Automated submission of website
• Effective use of Anchor link variation in line with the latest Google Algorithm updates (Manual submission)
• Linking client website updates with social media to create a greater influx of targeted social media traffic to the website
• Bridging conventional marketing forms with social media streams to create a marketing ecosystem
• Linking website updates to social media streams & generating user interest and participation
• Creating a positive image amongst customers and visitors alike

Web Analytics & Measuring Success with Trackable Data

Effective  utilization of data metrics and site performance data in combination with targeted keyword performance  to provide a usable, comprehensive report on website improvement areas and identification of new demographic locations (not generated through tools)