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Animation Video Production Services

What is an Explainer Video?

Do you have a product, service, or solution to explain to your potential client or customer? And worse, your client is not patient enough, yet stay put with your marketing documents, training tutorials, or the well-designed information-laden web page. You have simply 2 minutes of his/her time to pitch in your sales efforts.  Having a 1- 2 minute pitch in your sales arsenal could well turn out to be one of the most effective tools you have ever laid your hands on! Is a minute of video worth your money and effort?  Enter animated explainer videos.

An explanatory video utilizes visuals, compelling storytelling, and tones, with the right mix of casual, fun vibe to hammer your point home in as much as 1-2 minutes or even less. What’s more when you can distribute your animation explainer videos in the social & networking sphere even before your product or solution is fully conceived. Talk to us today to give you the perfect package for presenting your products, ideas, or solutions in a format that not only explains your products or services but also stimulates your viewer’s interest!

Why do you need an Explainer Video?

Increased Conversion Rates

An engaging and entertaining way to grab and hold your visitor’s attention with the help of high-impact messages. This emotional connection is an all-important step toward converting prospects into customers.

Explain Business Objective

Helps take the guesswork out of explaining the efficiency and basic function of any product or service. Customers understand your service or product best when they see and hear you explain explanatory videos.

Increase Viewer Interest Levels

Perfect for generating buzz around your product or brand and being shared. They are evergreen; precisely the reason why explainer videos are great in telling why people need your product, solution, or services to up their interest level.

Information Retention

Make your sales presentations, marketing tutorials, the process of training & inducting staff, or even learning slideshows lively, exciting, and fun as you make your sales pitch memorable and help your visitors retain information.

Engage Viewer Attention:

An ideal mix of animation, script, and tones is guaranteed to engage your visitors or audience in about 60 seconds in ways no other marketing medium can. Focussing on the message rather than trivial details makes it stand out!

Ranking & Traffic

A well-crafted animated Explainer Video has an improved chance of ranking on Search Engines than any plain text page because they just love videos. Not to mention, increased traffic, reduced bounce rates & instant user action.

Social Media Sharing

Explanatory videos can be shared through social media & networking sites like YouTube, X, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn,  and others generating buzz around your product, solution, brand, or services like never before.

Power of Storytelling

The stories we tell through explainer videos are as important as what we sell. And we also understand that product marketing is no longer about the things you make, but about the stories you tell. People learn from stories and remember the best story is always a winner!

Why IT Projects Media for Animated Videos?

Money Matters

Need value for money? We deliver it! You know what your money can buy! We encourage you to do your research for the value we provide. Trust us, you couldn’t have got it at a better price. No quality shortcuts, no delivery compromise only value for money. 

Originality Matters

No copying, no duplication!
Your business video has to look unique and original. With our videos, you can be rest assured of originality.

Script Matters

We’re Script Master Blasters, Writing Matters! We write a script that increases your professional saleability straightaway. Our scripting team knows the formula for success…infotainment, increased ROI, and viewer retention!

Voiceover Matters
Business Marketing Catalysts – Professional Voiceovers.
Your videos need a voice that can command attention, retain, and convert to leads. Our professional voiceover artists truly have the voice with the right intonation, emphatic delivery, and attractiveness to get things done.

Quality Matters

High-definition Video making.
Getting an HD video for you is our forte. Our state-of-the-art production environment and knowledgeable team create quality explainer videos that stand apart, almost raising the benchmark for creativity.

Quick Fix Matters

That’s right; quick turnaround time to quick fix your video.
Our specialty is creating explanatory videos that act as quick fixes for any business. Do you want more traffic on site? We offer quick delivery and turnaround delivery times to serve your needs.

Monitoring Matters

Monitor each stage of production, yourself!
Our team’s project management system keeps you right on top of things, updated and informed!

Openness Matter

We are open-minded and welcome your ideas always.
Our open-mindedness has enabled us to develop strong relations with our clients. We endeavor to incorporate your content inputs and will do whatever it takes for a 100% satisfied video output. 

Availability Matters

You need to know at all times that we’re available! Want to know anything? We can answer your questions. You can email us your enquiry with your questions, or call us to discuss what you’re looking for.  

Six-Step Process of Animated Explainer Video


We perform extensive research on the topic. Our concrete methodology incorporates extensive empirical research that captures relevant variables.


We create a video that captures your spirit and attitude perfectly. Our video is a seamless tool that captures your spirit and business personality.


We work only with the best professional voiceover artists. We have the best recording environment, professional voiceovers that command attention, a knowledge that surpasses mediocre companies, and an innate understanding of marketability. 


We will draw up a complete storyboard. Our team draws an innovative and visually communicative storyboard that highlights your story, in your way.

Animation Production

Your ideas come to life in a dynamic and unique video. We infuse dynamism and uniqueness in every video because every business offering differs.

Finalizing and Go Live

After the editing and production of your video, we will deliver the final product. We only help you create and finalize your masterpiece after editing and production. The achievement follows only after it goes live on your site.

Animated Video Services

IT Projects Media offers Whiteboard Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Infographic Video, 2.5 D, and Typography Animation Videos for your marketing ideas to come to life. Though every animated video has its bit of advantage, we create it in a way that shows complex processes effectively and clearly in less time. Animated Videos be it, promotional, Startup, Web, Product, or Viral Videos can be always distributed across a range of promotional channels both online and offline, thereby capturing a broader audience, pushing your brand forward, and improving customer loyalty.

Why Explainer Videos?

More than 2.9 billion hours are spent in a month watching YouTube (Source: Mashable Inc). Most people need a well-brewed blend of information and entertainment that they can see. So your business needs to impress your viewers with your personality immediately.  And with a dynamic, self-explanatory, shareable custom-made explainer video you can present yourselves straight up. A good one explains how viewers benefit by doing business with you not the features of your service or product.

Allow us the opportunity to develop one so that you get an Animated Explainer Video’s seven tangible benefits:

Increase Conversion Rates

Our goal is to convert the maximum possible percentage of visitors on site. It’s the quickest assured methodology that increases profits by selling without significantly raising the business’ advertising spend.

Explain your Business Objective

We outline and visually transform your business objectives into a powerful video to scientifically measure your goals and efforts.

Increase Viewer Interest Levels

We use a two-pronged approach by creating an innovative animated video with a dash of excitement and passion so that your video can retain and impact viewer interest.

Position and Rank Higher

Our Onsite videos steer businesses like yours from low ranks on Google to quickly rank higher and transform themselves into top profiteering ones, thus being an integral part of your regular SEO, SEM, and Online Marketing process.

Engage Viewer Attention

Our interactive videos on-site will almost coerce viewers and get them more engaged. Unlike other distracting and complex videos, IT Projects Media’s videos are fairly simple, comprehendible, and augment the user’s viewing experience onsite.

Information Retention

We develop explainer videos created and crafted to visually stimulate viewers and grab their attention much better than any information integrated in text form.  Being enjoyable, the information and learning conveyed through our explainer videos can be grasped and retained easily.

Display Your Business Personality

Every business is built on trust and credibility; our videos will help you show your personality and help viewers know who you are, what you do, and why you do it as a business.

Explainer videos essentially incorporate any business relevance and importance for a viewer.  They optimize the marketing process and make it less time-consuming. In turn, these videos generate almost ¾ of the savings from the budget on advertising and marketing. Firms, both startups and growth-stage, are attracted to new growth strategies.  The design and creativity factors make animation explainer videos wanted for their offering on-site as part of new strategies. Google, which makes 67 per cent of the Search Engine market uses explainer videos to advertise new features for the search engine.

Learn more about how our animated production services communicate your idea, product, or company vision simply and clearly. Most importantly audiences need to know what you do as a business and what better way than an explanatory video that informs and entertains. At the end of the video ensure you let viewers know what to do next is important.

We’ll create your next Animated Video

There’s more to us than meets the eye and more to come!  (Perhaps an image showing an eye leading down a road). We make things happen!

IT Projects Media guarantees that it will help your company to grow. We create effective and targeted Explainer animated videos specifically, so your business grabs your audience’s attention instantly. We have the experience and a team of qualified experts and our content creation process is thorough and well-organized. IT Projects Media ensures your explanatory video is well structured and in line with what your business offers and should be your first choice as we:

  • Have produced more than 100+ videos that deliver results
  • Leaders in bringing you an innovative animated service
  • Have the experience of working with global brands
  • Understand the importance and difference between entertainment and infotainment
  • Help you save ¾ of the Advertising expense through our explainer videos
  • Produce less time-consuming videos and generate short time-saving market opportunities
  • Can propagate your explainer video through social networks like YouTube, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others

We inject your business ideas with an innovativeness that is unique and fresh. How it works with us is pretty simple. We do our research to bring creativity, weaving your business story together, spicing them up with the right flavors of statistical approaches, employing the right delivery techniques, and some super remarkable craftsmanship. All these and more to deliver your 90-second message using a simple video!

Our Explainer videos explain the importance and relevance of your business and contribute significantly by impacting your branding. Today, the effectiveness and genuineness of any business collaboration only come to the fore once you experience the real results, helping you scale up business growth using a simple element of fun.  

Trust us; we are a storytelling organization with our team’s experience and expertise encompassing more than just animation. We are a team of trained professionals and understand the importance of being interactive facilitators online. Professionally we ensure that all aspects of company information protection and security are adhered to. Our extensive experience, while servicing our clients, creating animation videos, creativity control, and quick turnaround time has enabled us to grow as a company, as part of the creative industry. We recognize the enormous amount of belief, expectation, and confidence you place in us and we value that. At IT Projects Media, we value our business relationships with clients, making us diligent in providing and delivering a video and service that is above and beyond.


Animated Explainer Videos

• Well-developed animated videos that increase sales
• A reflective story that sells, one you can share

Whiteboard Animated Videos

  • Animation that makes every business brand, one to remember
  • Power of illustrated imagery to engage audiences

Infographics videos

  • Infographics videos are marketing powerhouses
  • Encapsulates information in abundance

Stop Motion Animation Videos

  • Captivating thoughts help customers visualize possibilities
  • Capture attention and viewers’ imagination

2.5D Animation Videos

  • Visually dynamic explanations that simplify the complexity of thoughts
  • Motivating animation significantly improves sales

Typography Videos

  • Subliminal subtle typography generates a positive response
  • Creates a recognizable brand trait

How to select the right Animated Video Type for your business?

Promotional Videos

  • Promo Videos – Speak, communicate & get visible
  • A cost-effective proven marketable strategy for your business

Web Videos

  • Quick viewer engagement that entertains and drives traffic
  • Impressive web videos emotionalize your business personality

Startup Videos

  • Animated videos for your new Startup
  • Massive marketing opportunities with captivating storytelling

Product Videos

  • Real-time product benefits explained
  • Create customer consideration and keep them glued to you

Live Action Videos

App Videos

Educational Videos

Business Videos

Corporate Explainer Videos

Animated & Corporate Videos

Motion Graphics Videos

3D Animation Videos

Explainer Videos for Future or Emerging Technologies

Explainer Videos for SEO, SEM & Digital Marketing

Animated Doodle Videos

Landing Page Videos

Training Videos

Ad Videos

Promo Videos for Festivals, Events & Seasons

Saas & E-commerce Platform Explainer Videos