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3D Animation Videos Production Services

2D vs.3D Animated Videos

Most animated explainer videos currently exhibit a flat and two-dimensional appearance. The 2D technique proves to be highly effective in simplifying concepts or procedures. However, there are certain instances where it becomes crucial to incorporate a third dimension, namely depth.

It can be challenging to distinguish between 2D animation and 3D animation. To delve into the technicalities, it boils down to the contrast between sketching 2D illustrations and crafting 3D models. However, the average spectator is not concerned with these intricacies. They simply perceive 3D animation as more refined and visually rich.

3D animation is a valuable digital asset for product, service, or concept illustrations. The addition of depth allows for capabilities that 2D animation lacks. However, this enhancement also brings about higher costs and intricacies. Therefore, it is crucial to determine if the investment is justified.

Why choose 3D over 2D Animated Explainer Videos?


Seeing is believing. Certain elements must be visualized in 3D to grasp the content better. Whether it involves a detailed breakdown of your product or a complete 360-degree rotation, using 3D animation provides viewers with the necessary perspective to genuinely comprehend the unique qualities that distinguish you from others.

What you perceive is what you get

Occasionally, being transparent is insufficient. It is equally important to exude a sense of sophistication. While showcasing your product or device is essential, maintaining a specific brand image is crucial. 3D animation possesses a captivating element that may not be achievable with 2D animation or could be too expensive with live action. This allows you to create a moment of realization and impress your audience.


Elegance revolves around achieving the utmost simplicity without compromising on the essence. Integrating 3D animation into your explainer video helps streamline complex concepts while maintaining a sophisticated appearance.

Process of creating a 3D Animation Video

Our creative process encompasses various stages: from story planning and scripting to visual style development, animation, and sound design. Each step is carefully executed to convey the message effectively, utilizing cutting-edge 3D technologies

Creating the ‘wow’ factor!

If you desire to astonish your audience and ‘wow’ them, 3D animation provides a range of opportunities. With the ability to create immersive environments, animate full characters, manipulate intricate lighting and materials, and simulate realistic particles, there are numerous methods to captivate viewers and hold their attention firmly.

We thoroughly enjoy working on such projects. If this aligns with your requirements, we can arrange a phone call to discuss the specifics. During the call, we will present you with a personalized proposal encompassing the cost and timeline.

Let’s discuss to understand better the different technical aspects that influence the overall price of 3D animated videos.