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2D & 3D Motion Graphics Animation Video Production Services

Motion graphics explainer videos use moving graphics rather than animated characters. They are also known as infographic videos. Within these videos, graphics transform, move, and transition into various forms. The primary focus is typically on conveying concepts and processes, highlighting facts, ideas, graphics, and kinetic typography.

However, using the term motion graphics in this context is inaccurate. In reality, it pertains to the graphics overlaid on live-action footage. However, its meaning has evolved, and nowadays it predominantly denotes a sophisticated form of animated video. Therefore, let us adopt this modern illustration.

Why use a Motion Graphics Explainer Video for your business?

Here are a few factors to consider Motion Graphics explainer video for your product, service or business instead of opting for a different style.

Ideal for technically intricate concepts

It simplifies the explanation of abstract and challenging ideas.


Many brands don’t want a look that is too cartoony and amateurish. Motion graphics can help you with that.

Easy to execute

It is feasible to achieve the desired outcomes even with a restricted budget. Conversely, videos featuring characters typically require extensive rigging and time-consuming animation processes associated with characters.

Your video-making decision should be based on your brand identity and video objectives. For instance, a video mainly with characters can effectively humanize your product or create a relatable experience for viewers. Ultimately, the choice should align with your goals and brand persona.

Timeline & production factors

The complexity and duration of your video will affect its timing. If you aim for a high-end style, it is advisable to allocate more time; for research and storytelling. Motion graphics explainer videos are generally easier to produce compared to character-based videos due to the absence of rigging and time-consuming character animation.