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IT Projects Media does things a little differently. We listen. At ITPM, we work with you to create custom-made animated explainer videos that will help build brand identity and customer engagement. Our Video production consulting services will help you connect with customers in an entirely new way. Animation Explainer videos remove any and all barriers between you and your audience by communicating any idea, product or company vision simply and clearly, while keeping them engaged and entertained.

We work directly with you to develop a video concept and script, every step of the way you will be involved. We know how passionate you are about your business, and we are passionate about it as well—which is why we treat every single project as the most important one we have ever tackled. You can be sure that your video will be unique and customized to your needs – your business isn’t cookie cutter, so your marketing should be either!

Our project team is made up of industry-leading writers including a national-level award winning scrip writer, visualizers, storyboard artists,  illustrators, animators, directors and project managers with years of experience in developing animated explanatory videos. No matter how complicated or involved the message you need to deliver is, we turn it into a powerful marketing tool. We have worked with some of the most influential brands in the world to create videos for their audiences; now is the time for you to harness that power for your business. Our animated explainer videos can be shared through social media and networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn  and others generating buzz around your product, solution, brand or services like never before.

Large scale marketing needs big investment, right? Wrong! Why? Read on…..

 Today with an animated explainer video you can get viewers to quickly make a buying decision as they see your business for what it stands and achieves and the value it brings to customers by and large. However, creating an engaging company explainer video is essential to make marketing efforts count. Question is how do you make it count? A few pointers for your business pronto:

The average human attention span is about 7 seconds or 7000 milliseconds wherein you need to create an impression, and give your viewers a professionally well planned explainer video that will almost make them latch on to your site. Hence, the K.I.S.S. or your video making pro needs to just keep the animated video super short and simple enough so that viewers can understand what you want to tell them. 

Explainer videos are generally about 60 seconds comprising about 150 words, hence the choice of words in your script have to nail down every business marketing strategy. Your message has to single out what you want your viewers to do in the beginning and at the end.

Underlying the viewer’s problem and how your business proposition can fix it is the key to connecting with the audience. Storytelling works wonders and filters right in to the viewer’s mind to create an impact. Use your story to develop trustworthiness and relate to your viewers.

The top professional companies can bring in all the armour to make your video engaging enough, but remember you need to have a good story that people will believe. Lastly after all the hard work don’t let the thought just linger, create a persuasive call to action pointer which will encourage your audience to get in touch with you.

Business Video Production Consulting Services

  • Animated Business Videos
  • 2D/2.5D/3D Animated Explainer Videos
  • Live Videos/Live Action Videos
  • Promotional/Ad/PR/TV Commercial Animated Videos
  • Stop Motion Videos
  • Infographic Videos
  • Typography Animation Videos
  • Landing page Videos
  • Viral/Social Media Videos
  • Animation Product Videos
  • Personal Branding Animated Videos
  • Startup Pitch/Small Business Animation Videos
  • E-learning/Educational Animated Videos