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2D & 3D Animated Startup & Small Business Explainer Videos

Approximately 5, 43, 000 new businesses get started each month & Over 50% of the working population (120 million individuals) works in a small business” (Source:

Most startup and small businesses (MSME/SME/SMB) businesses don’t see the potential of creating a firsthand emphatic impression using startup videos… they’re just not able to get the big picture. Let’s tell you how you can interest your viewer audience and increase your conversion rates using powerful and dynamic startup animated video marketing.  Startup videos create business brand utility! Developing startup videos helps new business brands present their usefulness and give viewers something they really need – without being demanding and overbearing.

As a startup or small business owner, all you need is to invest a little that will make it possible for you to generate business and reach out to your viewers and emotionally connect with them through a well-developed animation video marketing solution. If you can grab your audience’s attention through Toon Explainer Videos it’s a good sign and a very good indication of securing a potential client. Our videos secure ATTENTION!

Getting viewers to listen

We don’t get our videos to jump all over the viewers. Our explanatory startup and small business animated videos explain exactly what will benefit them. We tune them so that they – listen.

Saying it all

We know what comprises a good startup video. Knowing what viewers would like to hear and what you should say in your video is important. We just say it all for you.

With our videos shareable on social networks, and with a wide assortment of animated startup and small business videos, you will find it easier to leverage your business and present a clear value, develop affinity and create an impact. This is so much different from any marketing technique wherein you can justify your investment by looking at the results and how good it can be for your small business.

We can explain more about this fantastic opportunity and fill in some gaps that you might possibly have developed in your mind.

Our startup and small business explainer videos can get your viewers engaged and get a significant percentage of people interested in what you are offering. Your video unlike others will not generally keep viewers sitting through in silence perhaps with arms folded. It will possibly make them at least jump up and down when they see and watch! Contact us, so that we can help you earn, be it your new or small business!