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Promo Videos for Festivals, Events & Seasons

Promotional Animated Videos for Festivals, Events & Seasons

Holidays could be an important time for companies and brands to promote themselves. With the air of festivity around the corner, you can send fun-filled greetings to your customers and viewers and couple them with product promotion messages. This will improve the visibility of your brand and build trust. With promotional animated videos for festivals, events & seasons, sending greetings to your clients or customers is now a breeze.

Brevity is the soul of wit”- William Shakespeare

Would you rather read a page worthy of writing or watch a quirky, short video? We understand this and try to promote your product, offerings, or service to your customers through short and engaging promotional explainer videos.

A promo video is a short, stimulating video to make your customers understand your product or brand and educate them about it. It is aimed to break down the complex information about your product or service in a simple, easy-to-digest format for your viewers.

Why is a promo video good for your business?

  • It is a perfect way to connect with the audience and send them a personal message. It also doubles up as a promotional video about your company or product.
  • Promotional videos are all about you. They can enhance your business branding.
  • Promo videos increase the number of viewers visiting your site. It can improve your SEO ranking and increase the traffic to your custom-built landing page.
  • A promo video can send a strong message about your company or product to a wider audience through X, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
  • Taking time and effort to create a special greeting video can make you stand out and impress your audience and client. They can talk to your viewers you care, adding a sense of empathy to your actions.
  • Promotional explainer videos help you create stories influencing your customers’ decision-making.

What can we do?

Are you looking to use the holiday season to your fullest advantage while spreading the festive cheer to others? We help you create holiday promotional videos that reconnect with your audience. IT Projects Media will partner with you to prepare marketing campaigns for holidays. We ensure your holiday greeting video also promotes your product or service. This helps the audience and clients to know more about your company, brand, or service.  We give you the power to stay competitive and drive business growth in the festive season.

Our process – This is how we do it

Building the strategy

We listen to your ideas, marketing strategies, and your brand story. We also get to know what you want to communicate through the video. We research current marketing trends and your topic before creating the script.

Creating the story

We know what you want and we have done enough research about the current market. Now, we create a script that goes well with the festive mood, be it Christmas or the start of a New Year. Using our experience, we create a story that uniquely represents your product or service.

Build the video

We build the video, frame by frame –using all the tools and effort at our disposal to communicate your festive message, while promoting your product. We are devoted to quality and create a video exactly how you want.

Add voice

We give the final touch to your video by adding the appropriate voice and background score. We go all out in bringing the festive mood in all ways possible.

Editing and polishing

We painstakingly design, edit, and work every frame until the end product is gratifying, appealing, and functionally sound.

Going live

Finally, after all revisions and changes, your video is ready. We send it to you and help you make it go live. You can upload it on your website and share it with the world using all the available platforms.

We can help you create an exceptional promo video with all the festive fun thrown at it. Send us your request and we will get back to you within one working day to discuss creating one together.