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2D & 3D Animated & Live Action App Videos

2D & 3D Animated & Live Action Web & Mobile App Videos

Increase your App downloads with Mobile App Promo videos

The number of people watching videos online is continuously increasing. While this can be enough reason to create explainer videos for your apps, it’s not the only reason! Explainer videos draw attention, increase the audience’s engagement rate, enhance information retention level, and boost conversion rates.

“Clarity trumps persuasion”  Dr. Flint McGlaughlin

Everyone has a story to tell. The trick lies in telling stories that captivate the audience, make a connection, give a clear explanation, and keep them interested until the very end. The explainer videos help you do just that.

An app explainer video is a short and interesting video that gives a brief but worthy explanation of your application. An App Video can introduce the app to prospective clients & users, increase the number of downloads, demonstrate its features, and explain its functions. Videos can also answer queries and serve the customers.

Why does your app need an Animated explainer video?

  • It can do what texts and images cannot. An explainer video can grab the attention of the viewers easily.
  • An explainer video enables people to absorb and retain information about the application more effectively than what a few images or text can do.
  • You can easily share videos with people on social media platforms. Hence, the exposure, as well as awareness about your app and/or brand, is boosted through an explainer video.
  • As more viewers watch your app video, your web traffic is enhanced. This also increases the call to action – share, login, jump to a landing page, purchase, etc.
  • Texts can be tricky; screenshots are no better. An explainer video, on the other hand, gives an improved insight into the functions and features of your app. They inevitably help increase the conversion rates.

How do we help you?

You could have just created a very cool app but communicating what your app is all about to the potential customers is no easy task. Even with screenshots and detailed information in the form of texts, the viewers may not get much insight into your app. To help your viewers completely understand what your app is all about, we, at Toon Explainers, help you create an app explainer video. We help you deliver a video about your app that is simple, easy to relate to, and fun. We put together a video according to your needs considering the target audience, what you want to convey, and how you would like to convey. Your customer wants to touch, feel, and see how the app functions – app videos help them get closest to that experience.

Process of creating Mobile/Web Animated & Live Action Explainer Video

Create the script

Based on the content, we sit down to write the script. We ensure the content does not exceed the stipulated time and keep the text brief and peppy.

Capture the video, animate & edit

We record the live footage of app naviagation, cut the footage that is not required, and add text and animation frame-by-frame to create a killer video. We then move on to edit and add some fancy frills to finish the visual part of the video.

Add voice-over

The audio can capture the audience’s attention and imagination and make a deep impact. We add music or voiceover, sometimes both, according to the video style.  Do all the final touches and your explainer video is ready to go live!


The video is created. Add your app video to your site and share it on social media platforms.

Want more reasons why you should create an explainer video for your app?  Want to create an app explainer video?  Just give us a shout. Get in touch with us and we will be extremely happy to get back to you within a business day.