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Animated & Live Action Landing Page Videos

Animated & Live Action Landing Page Videos for your Web

Consumers are always in a hurry and tend to make snap judgments about whether or not they want to buy a product. Landing page videos increase and attract viewership from potential customers, in turn, increasing the number of sales in your business or company.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” – James Cash Penney

Why read a 1000-word essay when you can simply click on an exciting video that explains everything
you need to know in a matter of minutes? Landing page videos help viewers get a quick understanding of your product or services without their requiring to spend a lot of time or effort in reading lengthy paragraphs. A recent study by marketers shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. Therefore, these videos are an important asset in your digital arsenal to increase your business’s success rate in a fun and engaging manner.

Using Landing Page Videos on your page will help your business in the following ways:
  • Increase the number of sales because of the interactive manner in which videos captivate the audience’s attention.
  • Invaluable addition to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) process to garner more clicks, thereby increasing Click Through Rate (CTR).
  • Greater retention, increasing the web traffic on your page.
  • Most people would feel lazy to read a whole text but would be more than willing to watch a video. With the interest rates and excitement in viewing a video always higher when compared to reading, a landing page video is a must for those looking to increase the conversion rates of their business.
  • Videos are always helpful in getting the point across as opposed to texts. Additionally, visuals have high persuasion rates, making people remember what they see compared to what they read.
  • Show your stuff to viewers rather than texts conveying about it.
  • These videos increase the trust factor amongst viewers.

How do we create a 2D/3D Animated or Live Action Landing Page Video?

 Target Audience

Firstly, we try to figure out who your target audience is, depending on the kind of product or service you offer.

Write the Script

We then move on to writing the script that includes all the necessary points in a crisp, clear, and appealing manner.

Creating the Video

We use powerful presentations to help viewers get an instant idea about your business. You need not spend precious time or energy reading large webpage content. We create videos that have a visual and aesthetic appeal, attracting huge traffic to your website. The designs of the videos are given utmost importance to help viewers take action, without distracting them with unnecessary details.

If you are looking for a landing page video to successfully boost your business in a fun, appealing, and engaging manner, this is the place to be. Simply fill in the contact form with all the necessary details and give us one business day to get back to you. We will customize the videos according to your needs by discussing important ideas and points to be covered.