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2D & 3D Animated & Live Action Ad Videos

Live Action & 2D/3D Animated Ad Videos

Increase engagement, increase web traffic, help the audience retain information, influence buyer’s decision, and easily share and boost sales.

Animated advertisements communicate more than an idea or information. It tells a story and motivates the audience to act. They help you convert complex and abstract ideas into simple, fun, and engaging content.

Find something only you can say – James Dickey

Everyone has a story but how do you effectively convey who you are and what your business is to your audience? You create an animated advertisement Video!

Animated advertisements are not just videos–they tell stories that the audience can relate to. They deliver stories that inspire. They are an entertaining way to gain information.  The average user spends over 16 minutes every month watching advertisement videos online, according to ComScore website. Therefore, it is no surprise that animated Ad videos are the present leading edge in marketing. They not only look great but also strike an emotional chord with the audience and gain high conversions.

Why Animated Advertisement Videos?

  • Online business can be tricky. Even though you sell genuine services or products, people do not view you personally to entrust you with business. Videos can do that! People trust video advertisements because they know you took added effort to draw them in.
  • When an audience likes something, they share. A well-crafted video lets your audience know about it; it becomes shareable too. This increases your web traffic; you rank higher on Google and your conversion rates can gradually improve.
  • People retain twice as much information through a video than text-based content. When you combine visual and audio, it simulates their senses and holds the audience’s attention.
  • An animated Ad video is bound to create an emotional chord with people. The narration and visuals combined with music create a range of emotions that can work positively for your business. 
  • Video advertisements make people take action. It helps to make buying decisions and instigates the audience to look further – visit the landing page and invest in the product or service.

What Animation Video Production Companies do for your business?

You are almost convinced why an animated advertisement can actually work for your business. Good. Now read what a video production consulting agency like IT Projects Media can do for your business. We take your story about your product, business or story, and convert it into a video advertisement that engages, triggers your audience’s senses and ultimately generates conversions. We make videos that people pay attention to. Your audience is more likely to trust the knowledge you impart through your video, if they know you have put your effort, time and money into it. We are professionals in crafting top-quality, well-produced videos that generate sales.

How do we make Animated Ad videos?


We sit down with you first to discuss the goals and objectives of the video. Here is where we chat about your expectations, the type of ad video you want so that we can offer nothing but the best to you. Once we know the topic, we conduct extensive research and gather the required statistics and information required for making the video.

Writing the script

We sit down to write the script. We make sure the complex ideas are broken down and the resultant script is fun, engaging, simple and to-the-point. We make it strong and crisp so that the information is delivered clearly to the target audience.


Script may be the king but voice-overs are important too. An ineffective or inappropriate voiceover can make the whole video lack depth. We use the best voiceover to suit your script. You can choose the style or we can help you there too.


Whatever has been floating as ideas in our thoughts are translated into sketches here! This is done so that we both agree that we are on the same page and approve how our advertisement video is shaping to match the expectations of your brand.

Illustration, Animation & Production

We create designs and illustrations and send them to you. Once we agree upon the designs, we collate images and produce the ad video. We include you in every step and send you the drafts for revisions. We add the background score and sound effects, whenever necessary.

Finalizing & delivering

That’s it! Your video is ready. We test it and deliver it to you. We also assist you in making the animated advertisement go live.

Wouldn’t you like to create an animated advertisement for your business? Fill in the required information below and we will get back to you within a business day. Contact us immediately and we will offer all the assistance you need.