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2.5D Animation Videos Production Services

“A survey conducted by Xerox revealed that most consumers only notice about 50 messages and remember just four.”

The need for businesses to get noticed in a market that is probably oversaturated is a challenge. Especially when viewers are exposed to over 3000 messages alone in a single day. Business owners, marketers, and branding ambassadors need to work tirelessly to get noticed and marketing techniques have to ensure businesses are visible enough to create real ROI. So what do businesses do? Choosing among the plethora of marketing alternatives might be difficult. Jumping on a marketing ‘brandwagon’ that stimulates interest will help maintain business sustainability and profitability. To create that positive impact on your sales, you can get some quick wins by adding a 2.5D animation video, increasing conversion rates, and driving traffic.  2.5 D video branding is a form of marketing that helps make any business brand stronger and unique and gives business sites the push needed to get more prospective customers. 

Technicalities of 2.5D Animation Videos

2.5 D animation videos replicate a 3D environment or, in other words, it is nothing but a 2D animation technique utilized in a 3D space. 2.5 D marketing animation videos effectively use clever techniques, dynamic perspectives, and impacting shadowing. The best part is that these 2.5 D explainer videos are far more engaging and cost-effective as they do not directly deploy time-consuming 3D animation techniques.

Advantages of 2.5D Animation Videos

IT Projects Media’s 2.5 D animation videos are personalized and relevant and reach out to every viewer onsite. The key to our success in creating 2.5 D videos is our ability to make your brand connect with viewers in a more personalized manner. We know cutting through all the unnecessary clutter will help infuse clarity and make your business brand stand out.

Funnel In Your Customers

IT Projects Media’s 2.5 D animated marketing targets viewers by using a powerful customized video so that the marketing and sales goals of your business are aligned, helping you achieve the right ROI.

Fun calibrated

Calibrating the degree and the right amount of fun is important for the video to theoretically align well. We know what we do and understand what you want to achieve, so together we organize ourselves to get through the process of developing a 2.5 D animated video for your business. Together we can bounce off our fun and expertise and create a visually dynamic video that explains your business well.

A Deeper Understanding

Our team does all the research and assimilates all the relevant information that helps produce 2.5D explainer videos. We want your business brand to sell well by providing a technology-based perfect solution that will benefit customers. Our powerful creativity and deep sense of visualization make our team unique and motivating to collaborate with.

We want you to enjoy the business benefits of explainer videos and become renowned by giving you quality 2.5 D animation work. We believe in executing your explainer video marketing strategy! Open up and reach out to us