IT PROJECTS MEDIA is a platform to integrate all those who are actively involved in an IT solution or product development process: the manager who is accountable for the project release,the customer who is kept waiting anxiously for a finished IT product or solution, and the development team that gets project tasks up and running.

IT PROJECTS MEDIA helps clients take full advantage of the complete IT project management cycle from mission-critical and large-scale IT enterprises, beginning with an accurate definition of business objectives and proper set up, extending all the way to project execution, delivery and support, thus ensuring customer delight and success. Proactive management of both business and IT activities in tandem with each other is the key to realization of business results, objectives and vision.

Our role is to help clients identify potential effectiveness areas in IT Project Consulting, be it Website Design & Development, Software, Web & Mobile App Development solutions, Online & Digital Marketing, Multimedia/Animated Video Production & Print solutions, Product Testing, Startup/SME solutions, Product Re-selling, or IT Process Management areas including Outsourcing/Offshore services, Staff Augmentation or Project Lifecycle Planning, ensuring successful deployment of any IT transformation platform, or, in some cases, we propose a sound corrective action plan to put a seemingly faltering project back on the progress track

What We Deliver ?


Our routine day starts with project requirement gathering, analysis of business requirements, map customer requirements with product or service characteristics, development of request for proposals and evaluating them in a structured fashion in helping clients make decisions, establish contract terms and negotiations, develop budget statements, strengthen vendor relationship management, identify integration patterns and collaborative channels, and make headway towards execution, testing, release and delivery of the project


We firmly believe and work on the biggest advantage of outsourcing—optimization of development cost, quality and time. It isn’t just about getting services from a talented pool of professionals, but it is about appreciating faster output and real value for money. Staff Augmentation helps to achieve operational & strategic objectives, reduces/ improves cost structures and optimize service levels. By our Project Management/Lifecycle Management process, and Contract Management Solutions, you can maintain control of the project more efficiently.


Are you a Startup or an SME struck by budget constraints? Are you looking for professional solutions that would cater to your budget and specific applications? We excel in helping startups get up and running hard and fast. We achieve this by generating the IT solution, resources and infrastructure required so that they can focus on developing their core ideas and business. We are not merely IT-centric, but focus on all facets of Startup/SME solutions including Incorporation,Accounting, Process outsourcing, IPR, CFO Services &Compliances, just to name a few.


Are you an IT Application Development firm, be it large, small or medium sized, looking to sell your products online? Our platform with its strategic online marketing efforts would help you display and manage your IT product/solution, build relationship with customers, discover and address their specific needs, and generate business leads and sales. We will provide you with a clean user interface integrated with your IT product’s features, specifications, datasheet, price and offer details. The beauty of having your application listed for sales in our platform is that you can choose what you want to sell and that you are passionate about.

What We Acheive?


Though we leverage our expertise and experience regarding IT project development and management, we have helped quite a number of clients in comparing price quotes for product/solution implementation, and by this, we ensure the best outcome for your project.


With short-term support solutions, our resources are made available on demand during the client’s work day or after-hours as the project development requires. Furthermore, the team size can be scaled up or down-sized depending upon the client’s immediate needs, thereby ensuring no project is left scanty without resources, or overly populated.


We have a more refined focus for delivery, as we channel our attention solely towards planning and implementing solutions explicit to the project at hand. And this means, you need have to worry about the bigger picture, i.e. propelling your business growth, enhancing productivity, and macro-managing your firm and employees.


A project’s size, complexity and scope can be daunting factor even for the most experienced team of hands; the project management expertise required in the right direction to sail home will prove crucial to a project’s success. In these instances, count on us to provide you with the know-how-to drive any project, or complete even the minutiae of tasks to a successful outcome.